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Wellness Coach
Family Physician
Health & Parenting Advocate
Mother of Five
(not always in that order)

In the office setting, I greet my patients with, "What brings you here today?" Unfortunately, in our current medical climate, with the exception of simple complaints, providers often have too little time to truly tease out the answer and give the help they were trained to provide. I want to do better. We are a culture of incessant noise, frenetic activity and sickening stress. Coaching gives us a very precious gift ... time to listen, assess, and make lasting change. So, what brings you here today?

If you are considering hiring a coach, click here to learn more or email me for more information.

If you have the time and enjoy listening while you run or work, check out my Audible Original,

Take Back the House: Raising Happy Parents. 

Take Back The House-Final-Audible Origin
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