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As a Family Physician, Karen brings a unique and valuable expertise to health and wellness coaching. With the gift of time traditional medicine does not support, coaching allows her to listen effectively and help clients make real, lasting change. Her education and experience provide her with a thorough understanding of the mind body connection and the knowledge to uncover underlying health problems. Email Karen with any questions or to set up a consultation.

What is Wellness Coaching?

Generally, wellness coaches support clients in determining their health and wellness needs, assist in establishing individualized goals, and offer help and accountability for achieving these goals. Coaching is positive and proactive. It focuses on taking steps forward, rather than reliving the past. It can be done in person, over Skype or by phone.

Coaching may be a great first step if you:

Are feeling stuck.

Need to break a habit or start a new one.

Are feeling low on energy and motivation.

Want to look and feel better.

Simply want to start living your best life.



Coaching For Parents & Families

Family life has never before been so complicated and stressful. Sometimes, easy access to expert advice and helpful information only adds to the struggle, as the volume of the noise around us drowns out our natural paternal intuition. 

Coaching may be right for you if you:

Are lacking confidence in your parenting.

Are dissatisfied and/or are overwhelmed.

Are concerned about the emotional or physical health of your family.

Want to find more joy in family life.

Or simply, just want a check up on the state of your family's health.

Coaching For College Students

Dissatisfaction and transfer rates for college students are rising. About 40% of college freshmen suffer from anxiety and depression. Mental health services on campuses are underfunded and overwhelmed. Physical illness is also rampant, and health services are often unavailable for both chronic and urgent problems. 

Coaching prior to starting college can be a great way to establish healthy habits, set goals, pre-cope for anticipated obstacles and enter this new chapter mentally and physically prepared. 

Coaching can help current college students manage stress, change unhealthy habits, organize time and manage problems and disappointment. 

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