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Take Back The House-Final-Audible Origin

Release Date: May 6th

Parents everywhere, hear this: you can calm down, take a breath, stop worrying and do more for your kids by doing less. They will survive, thrive and later thank you for giving them freedom. And you’ll enjoy raising them in a happier, more peaceful home.

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Why I wrote this ...

It is hard for me to accept I have been a mom for two decades, but the laugh lines and worry creases tell no lies. After all this time, colic to college, diapers to dorms, I have learned much, and there is one thing I know with absolute certainty. We deserve better. So do our kids. It saddens me to bear witness to a family culture with an abundance of stress and a paucity of enjoyment. For parents and children, the struggle is real, and recent events have served to further damage and confuse our roles, our goals and our motivation. It is critical we change our culture and build happier homes and happier families by taking back the power of the parent. The time is now. The parenting journey is a long one, and the baggage we carry, we carry by choice. Let’s put down the guilt, the obsession, the fear and the doubt. We’ve been burdened by them for too long. By letting them go, we make room for confidence, joy, respect and laughter, all of which are light as a feather. It is my hope, through this Audible Original, I can help you discover or acknowledge the beauty and ease in your own parenting journey.

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