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10 Things to Keep in Your Beach Bag in Case of an Emergency

You have your book, your sunscreen and a hat. Check. All set? Not if you have kids. You may need a bigger beach bag, but if you really want to be prepared, carry the following, so minor incidents don’t end up ruining your fun in the sun.

— Bandaids for … “Mom! I’m bleeding!”

— Eye Wash for … “MOM! He threw sand in my eye!”

— Vinegar for … “MOOOOM!! I just got stung by a jellyfish.”

— Baby Powder for … “Mommmeeee, I’m all itchy.”

— Antibacterial wipes for … “Hey mom, look what I found over by the garbage.”

— Neosporin for … “Mom, do you think it was a crab or a shell or a hypodermic needle?”

— Nail clipper for … “Owww, Mom! I stubbed my toe.”

— Cortisone Cream for … “Mommy!! Look at this really cool bug I caught … OUCH!”

— Tweezers for … “Mom, I was just walking barefoot on the boardwalk and something got me.”

–Wine for … MOM!

About Dr. Karen Latimer

I’m a family physician now struggling to take care of a bunch of kids who keep calling me Mom. When I’m not wiping butts, refereeing sibling rivalry and chauffeuring over-scheduled little people, I write a family medical blog that gives you five thoughts on all sorts of different health topics.

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