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25 Things Your Mom Never Worried About

My Mom, Circa 1969

It is no secret moms today are more stressed and depressed than the moms who raised us in the 70s and early 80s. They cared about their children and were concerned about their wellbeing, but didn’t make themselves sick with worry over every aspect of their children’s lives. I usually dismiss people who think their lives are busier and harder than everyone else’s (unless they really are) so while I loathe saying this, I’m afraid it may be true — motherhood is harder on us.

Here are just 25 things that can keep us up at night which likely never, or very rarely, crossed our moms’ minds:

  1. Stranger Danger

  2. What our friends thought of us

  3. What our friends’ parents thought of her

  4. Our emotional wellbeing

  5. Recycling and protecting our environment

  6. The degree to which we thought our teachers were fair

  7. Our online presence

  8. Her online presence

  9. What college we would go to

  10. Virtual violence

  11. Botox and boob jobs

  12. Being Snack Mom

  13. ADHD

  14. How we were getting there

  15. How we were getting home

  16. Pesticides

  17. The score of our game

  18. If there was ink in the printer

  19. Terrorists

  20. Global Warming

  21. Opioids

  22. Being our friend

  23. Finishing our homework

  24. Being a great mom — they just were

Disclaimer: I’m not saying our moms shouldn’t have worried about some of this stuff, I am just saying they didn’t, and they, and I will argue, we were better off for it. “Worry is like a rocking chair: it gives you something to do but never gets you anywhere” – Erma Bombeck

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