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How Much Sex is Everyone Really Having?

Do you ever wonder where you rank in the quantity of sex department? It isn’t something that keeps me up at night (the thinking about it, not the actual doing of it — that does keep me up), but the thought does cross my mind. My husband is still a teenager, so we probably have very different opinions about what constitutes “normal” at my age.

It is not easy to find great data on this very important question, but after doing some very extensive research, I think the following is about right.

Obviously, there is a wide range, as some people are nymphos and some people are in sexless marriages. On average, married couples have sex 58 times a year. That doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but it takes into account the whole gamut of ages. So, maybe your grandmother is having sex 6 times a year and your young married nephew is having sex 110 times a year. Or maybe it is the reverse — go Granny! Studies show couples in their twenties average 111 times a year and that this number declines by about 20% a decade. It kind of mimics the 20% we lose each year in attractiveness and energy.

20s 111/year 2.1/week 30s 89/year 1.7/week 40s 71/year 1.3/week 50s 57/year 1.1/week 60s 46/year .9/week 70s 37/year .7/week 80s 30/year .6/week

Should I stop there? I don’t know a whole lot of nonagenarians, but if they are sexually active, good for them. Sex is healthy. It is good for your stress level, your cardiac health (when done correctly) and your relationship. Make it your mission to surpass your peer average. We can do better than that!

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