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Are Organized People Healthier?

YIKES! It seems they may be. This is not good news for me, as organization has never been my thing. Arguing with science is not really my thing either, so I think it is time to streamline this whole circus I affectionately call my life.

The facts about organized people are these:

— Organized people tend to eat healthier.

— Organized people take fewer risks.

— Organized people are more likely to make and keep preventative care appointments.

— Organized people enjoy less stress.

— Organized people may in fact sleep better at night.

Bottom line is this: organized people may seem boring but they may also be onto something.

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I’m a family physician now struggling to take care of a bunch of kids who keep calling me Mom. When I’m not wiping butts, refereeing sibling rivalry and chauffeuring over-scheduled little people, I write a family medical blog that gives you five thoughts on all sorts of different health topics.

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